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Defining Sleepwear

pajamas, nightwear, nightshirt, sleepwear believes pajamas and sleepwear should be comfortable and fun to wear. Our staff searches for interesting sleepwear that will appeal to our special clientele, you! There is a story behind every item on this site and we bring it to you. A stripe may be mundane to the eye, but we know better. That stripe represents the excitement and inspiration of the designer. Better yet you may be blessed with good luck from the night owls as they watch over your sleep retreat.

We invite you to visit our sleepwear web site which includes nightwear, sleepwear, pajamas and other related items. In addition, please visit our Defining Sleepwear blog which contains many fun postings and short stories and other information about the items on this web site.

Flannel Pajamas
Poplin Pajamas
Thermal Pajamas
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